How to operate squid proxy server?

I live in Taiwan and sometimes need to travel to Mainland China.
How can I use a proxy to allow me access to location sensitive content. Ex: Facebook in China, or Pandora outside of the US? Can squid accomplish this?

Any true Proxy Server can do what you’re asking as long as your connection from within China to your own Server isn’t blocked.

And, depending on how traffic is being monitored someone could figure out what you’re doing and block.
An example, I would highly recommend configuring SSL connections into your Proxy Server so that if anyone is filtering traffic content for strings related to certain keywords in your outbound (from China) content should be private. When your Proxy Server would then make its own http or https connection to the actual destination on your behalf.

Besides using a Proxy Server, you may want to also connect using a VPN to your Proxy Server to further hide information like your HTTP headers.

And, of course don’t do anything that might jeopardize the location and use of your Proxy server… If you tell a bunch of people and they start using your Proxy server I’d guess someone could probably notice that.


Use openvpn to connect back to your home machine and then specify your home squid as the proxy for your web browser. You may need dynamic DNS if you don’t have a fixed IP.