How-To: OpenGL Audio Driver - openSUSE 12.1, KDE

I did do a search but all hits were VERY confusing, at least for this new-be :embarrassed: I had to do a fill reinstall of openSUSE 12.1, KDE.

The first install I did get an Python OpenGL (?) Audio driver.

The problem is I cannot remember how I got the driver.

I did try some of the suggestions from other threads on this subject, but none worked.

The game that needs the OpenGL driver only shows FreeAudio options which do not work. The first install mentioned above it did show the OpenGL driver.

I need a detailed description or method to get OpenGL Audio Drivers installed and working.

I am no expert but I am fairly sure OpenGL itself has nothing to do with audio. What does have to do with audio is:


Ring any bells? What are you actually trying to accomplish?

OpenGL is a graphics library. Does your game need OpenAL by chance?

kilo@europa:~> zypper search openal
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name                  | Summary     | Type   
  | libopenal0-soft       | OpenAL Soft | package
  | libopenal0-soft-32bit | OpenAL Soft | package
  | libopenal1-soft       | OpenAL Soft | package
  | libopenal1-soft-32bit | OpenAL Soft | package
  | openal-soft           | OpenAL Soft | package
  | openal-soft-devel     | OpenAL Soft | package