How to open some specified files, directories and programs when i start the system automatically

Dear friends:
I need to open the same files and programs at every time when i log into system. Could you please tell me how to open these specified files, directories and programs automatically. For examples, in desktop 1, some pdf files will be opened automatically, in desktop 2, the Mozilla explorer will be opened automatically. and in desktop 3, the Dolphin File manager is opening.

You should allways tell which version of openSUSE you have and which desktop (KDE, GNome, …) you use. Most people her are not clairvoyant!

Sorry for that. I use opensuse12.1 .

and Dolphin means KDE.

Take a look at Systemsettings - Startup & Shutdown. You’ll find options for Session Management, Autostarting. Mind, opening a lot of programs/docs will slow down the startup of KDE.

Yes, most probably, but he does not seem to know himself. :frowning:

In KDE you can create a simple shell script “” (or whatever you like) in /home/$user/.kde4/Autostart.

#! /bin/bash
programm1 &
programm2 &
programm3 &

Don’t forget to make it executable.

Thank you very much LOL!lol!

Thank you very much LOL!lol!