How to open rar files in Opensuse/ Dual boot with XP!!!

hi dear,

Who can help me? i have installed for 2 days now Opensuse 11.1. first of all i don’t have any experience with Linux.

i’ve downloaded a music file and i don’t know how to extract the file. it is a Winrar file. who can tell me how to install the winrar or how to exrtract it? how can i install wine?

  1. i have an external harddisk and i have lots of music on it. how can i listen to music on that harddisk, it is a NTFS format.

  2. i have installed before installing linux windows 7 on another partition, i wan too install the xp on that partition again and maybe later windows 7 when it comes out. but at this momen i can not choose which os i want to start, i don’t have the choise for dual boot, how can i change the ini file?

please help me and answer me in easy way because i don’t have any experience i want to learn more about Linux. it is so difficault an dnot easy as windows.

thanks a lot


Ark opens rar-archives.

Lazy Kent wrote:

> Ark opens rar-archives.

Yes. As long as you have installed “unrar” :slight_smile: