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I am Prabhakaran from Mumbai(India). In a decision to switch over to the Open Source Web Development. I must have to develop a website using the Open Source Tools within a week. One of my friend suggested me to take the “Big-Leap” i.e. from Windows to Linux and also advised me to install an Open Source Web Development Software tool called LAMP. After so many complications I finally installed a linux distribution called “OpenSuse 10.2” yesterday. I installed OpenSuse 10.2 because my friend gave me the CD. But for LAMP he instructed me to search the net for it. The whole problems started there. The first information i got in the internet about the LAMP is that LAMP is not a software tool but a software bundle, also I came to know thats its an acronym for Linux, Apache, Mysql, Php/Perl. I already know that these softwares are already found in the net individualy. Since, My friend specially mentioned the ‘LAMP’ word. I searched for the bundle itself. After so many frustating hours of fishing in the net. I finally found a LAMP bundle called “TurnKey LAMP” from some site. Actually its an 150 MB file approx. Its in iso format. The site claimed from which I downloaded the “TurnKey LAMP” claimed that the bundle is having “Linux, Apache Server, Mysql and Php” as a bundle. But currently I am having a “OpenSuse 10.2” linux already. Since I am having another version of linux and not having any software to handle the iso files. I fear to open it. So I searched for the Individual elements i.e for Apache, Mysql and Php individually. This time I downloaded every components successfully (but dont know surely). As a fact, I am only using the Linux from yesterday only, I dont know how to install the individual components too. Wherever I searched help in Net, They are only giving some kinds of commands to execute for the installation and configuration process of all the individual components too. I request you all friends to please guide me in this problem. I have to develop small website within a week. Kindly help.
In short:
What I Want?
I want to install and configure the “TurnKey LAMP” in Opensuse 10.2., else wants a link to get a compatitable version of LAMP for opensuse 10.2 and also the instructions to install and configure., else wants to know where to get and how to install and configure all the Individual elements (Apache, Mysql, Php/perl) in Opensuse 10.2. Also dont forget me to tell how to test them finally. Thanks in advance.

Try this but TBH if you have the bandwidth I really would use a more up-to-date version. Then you’ll have the lamp group that you’ll be able to install iirc it isn’t possible in the earlier versions I can’t remember when zypper started using groups but don’t think it was 10.*
Cool Solutions: Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL on SUSE Linux Professional this used to be relevant for the older versions.

This seems it should be upto date I don’t think the 64bit is relevant lamp is lamp.
Linux Apache MySQL PHP Server (lamp) - openSUSE

But if this server is going to be on the internet then I don’t only suggest you use a newer version I would tell you to. Using old software that either is coming to its end of life or has reached it, is asking for trouble.