How to open a bug report?

What’s the proper process to open a bug report? Since I’m inexperienced with OSuse I prefer to sit in the background and assume any problems I encounter are my own fault. But this morning I installed RC-1 and found something I’m convinced is a bug.

When I boot the Gnome LiveCD for Beta-5 I can correctly configure an HTTP proxy for the system. But when I install from the RC-1 DVD the proxy is a complete fail. Yast cannot configure the proxy, and even if I configure the system for no proxy and try to manually configure only Firefox to use the proxy, even with the IP address instead of the hostname I get a “proxy not accepting connections” error.

Since it works like a champ on the Beta-5 liveCD and on my XP box next to this system I have to believe it’s a bug.

What’s the right path to open a bug report?

Go here

try the login details you have for the forum, they should be the same. If not register with Novell and use the same username and password as the forum.

Gracias! I’m still doing a bit of tinkering to try to isolate the problem to confirm it really is the proxy, and not DNS or something else… but hopefully I can have it posted up within today.

It doesn’t seem that this has anything to do with the proxy, and more to do with network manager. The system isn’t picking up the DNS servers / gateway, so anything other than direct IP will fail.

I’m going to do a complete clean install with only default options to confirm the problem. Pah, finally I don’t think I’m experienced enough to file a good enough bug report, and I don’t want to waste the dev’s time with a problem I can’t clearly explain / support.