How to NOT show all user accounts at login?

Hey all- I’m using Gnome as my desktop in openSuSE 11.2. How do I set my login so that all users are not shown?



Check if this will fit you Remove Userlist From GDM? - openSUSE Forums

While logged in as root I used gconf-editor and under apps/gdm/simple-greeter,

  1. checked the box ‘disable_user_list’ and then,
  2. right clicked and set as default.

That worked. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

portsample wrote:

> While logged in as root

do not log into Gnome as root…
this is important…(unlike Windows where the administrator routinely
logs into the GUI, do NOT do it in Linux)

instead, log in as yourself and then launch editor from CLI as root,
or sudo…