How to NOT remember Password in Yast??

Went into Yast… in a hurry… entered the password and hit the ‘Enter’ key. As the screen was disappearing I noticed that the “Remember Password” box was checked -but- it was to late. I don’t want it to remember my password and I don’t know how it got checked. Been using this for months now and I never checked it.

Anywho, I could not find a way to “Un-check” the box cause it never shows up again. Couldn’t find anything in the settings nor in my searches on the Web. Do any of you know how to remove the “Remember Password” in Yast2??? The fix is possibly simple -but- we have never had this problem before.


I don’t think it will really matter. After a time out period of five minutes, it will be forgotten and ask for the password again.

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an observation is the “Remember Password” is only for the current user and session,
never waited long enough to experience jdmcdaniel3’s 5 minute rule

after a re-boot the password is again mandatory and “Remember Password” is back


Thanks to James and Keellambert,

James I did not experience the “forgetting” after 5 minutes. Either it takes longer -or- that is not the case. However, I tried Keel’s way,before I read his reply, and it worked. It asks for the password again. And the box is checked!! Don’t remember it being checked by default before.

Anywho, thanks to you both,

I have experienced this. It may be longer than 5 mins, but I couldn’t tell you exactly how long. To me, 5 mins is a blink of an eye. Usually, I’m doing stuff that easily goes past 5 mins. I do know that after X ammount of time, it does automatically forget, with out needing a reboot.

I think this thread will answer your questions on this subject.