How to: no CD-rom install/upgrade, Network install.

This how to is for people like me that have linux already and don’t want to burn a CD or don’t have a CD-rom drive. You need an internet connection.

First, download your version of opensuse. For option 2 you want network.
Also, find the source/address of the repository mirror you will be installing from and WRITE IT DOWN.

Navigate to your download directory and type:

mkdir /mnt/cd
mount openSUSE-11.0-NET-i386.iso /mnt/cd -o loop
cp /mnt/cd/boot/i386/loader/linux /boot/vmlinuz.install
cp /mnt/cd/boot/i386/loader/initrd /boot/initrd.install

You may need to replace “i386” with your version you downloaded.

You need to edit the Grub bootmenu:

edit /boot/grub/menu.lst

title Network Install SUSE 11.0
root (hd0,0) <-------This varies, might not be this exactly.
kernel /boot/vmlinuz.install
initrd /boot/initrd.install

Before your close your edit window. Look at the other “titles”. Below them does it say “root (hd0,0)” or something like “root (hd0,2)”? Make your addition match what is already in your menufile.

Save, close and reboot. You should have a new option to network install suse 11.0 Pretty easy.

When you select the option to install. You will get a dos like window that says something about the CD, just cancel out of that twice and you should have a familar install window. Select install. It will give you the option for network install a few options in. It will detect your network setting by DHCP. It will download 4 files and eventually you will get the fancy suse 11.0 install screen.

Good luck and happy linuxing.

If someone could write a how to on patching/updating the kernel that would be nice.

SuSE install with PXE boot - openSUSE

It might seem a bit difficult to do, but if you read carefully, it’s not that hard. It took me some time, and editing that page a bit, but I got it to work from network to a laptop w/o cdrom.

Good luck.