How to: Nautilus Super User Mode in KDE

I frequently use KDE’s File Manager: Super User Mode, but I hate that it does not support my Forward and Back mouse buttons. The other day, I was playing around in Gnome and found that Nautilus supports my mouse buttons quite nicely. How do I get Nautilus to run in KDE? Since I have both KDE and Gnome installed, this is easy.

RightClick the Kicker button on the task bar
Click Menu Editor
Click the + by System to expand it
RightClick File Manager
Click New Item
Type in Nautilus SU and the new item will appear under File Manager

Under General
Name: Nautilus SU
Command: gnomesu nautilus
Put a check by Enable Launch Feedback
Click the ICON button and sellect the Nautilus shell photo for the icon.

Under Advanced
Work Path: /usr/bin/
Put a check by Run As A Different User
Leave the Username box empty
Click the SAVE button on the menu bar

You will now have a working Nautilus icon that will bring up the password window when you click it just like File Manager Super User Mode.:slight_smile:

I thought that I should add that, if one changes the command from

Command: gnomesu nautilus


Command: kdesu nautilus

it will change the folder icons to match the KDE theme one is using.:wink:

Neat and useful! Thank you for these tips! I use Nautilus too when switching to root within a user :slight_smile: