How to move widgets on launcher panel?

This question concerns the system panel/launcher panel / the panel with the launcher that normally appears across the top or bottom of the screen.

The default system panel layout was nice, but, I screwed it up by accidentally deleting the task manager. I put the task manager back but now my clock & system tray are to the left of the task manager, and, I can’t just drag things around. Is there a trick to organizing the widgets on this panel or is it broken? Every time I try to move something, it basically ignores me and adds it to the right of everything else.

KDE 4.6.3
Opensuse 11.4 x86_64

Hi, i had exactly this problem, i tried to add a couple of widgits to the right side panel which i eventually managed to do but every time i rebooted they jumped back to the left! I got sick of it eventually so i deleted the whole panel and reset the default panel, this is easy to do by right clicking on the panel.

good luck,

ps if you solve it let me know

Hi guys,

Once the widget installed on the panel, did you locked the widgets ?

Yes made sure of that

That is so wrong… but it works. I’m getting so many errors w/ KDE that I think I screwed up by going with it. This is just more evidence.

Just what I needed. It was driving me mad. :smiley: