How to monitor Network Card Utilization


I am somewhat new to Suse and I have a Suse 10 x64 box that has a network intensive application. I currently don’t have any network monitoring tools, so I was hoping to find a tool to put on the Suse box to allow me to monitor the utilization on the NIC.

Any recommendations?

> Any recommendations?

maybe atop, ntop or even netstat is what you seek…

hard to know what you want just from “monitor the utilization on the

like do you want a behind the scenes graphing program to look at a day
(or week/month) later to analyze traffic patterns…

or just a blinking LED on a desktop widget to let you know something
is hitting the card…

or something in between??

what are you used to using (you say you are new to SUSE) and what did
it provide?

come on, give us a hint…