How to monitor CPU temperatures OpenSUSE 13.2 / Asus H97I-Plus motherboard

Greetings. How can I accurately monitor CPU temperatures without having to go into BIOS? I’m assuming that a hardware solution would be the most straightforward method (especially as I use both W7 and Linux on this PC).

System: Asus H97I-Plus, i5 with stock cooler, 8GB Corsair RAM, one 200mm intake fan (for positive pressure; no rear fan) in Corsair 250D m-ITX case, Corsair RM550 PSU. (Booting W7 and Linux on separate SSDs.)

I can’t see anything for the purpose in Yast. (System Monitor doesn’t give temps…)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


In KDE you have a temp monitor widget, that can dock to the panel or to the desktop.
Gnome has something similar, I believe.
There’s also gkrellm which is not desktop-specific, IINM.

You may have to install/config the “sensors” package.

Nice pic here, showing kde widget both in desktop and panel (bottom right)

Thanks brunomcl. I should have mentioned that I’m using Gnome at present. If I can’t find something suitable for Gnome it might justify changing to KDE. Thanks for the image; just what I need. First, though, I’ll try ‘sensors’ package and gkrlim.

I’ve installed ‘sensors viewer’ and it gives me the temps, but I don’t see how to have easy access to it at all times. Any suggestions?

‘Sensors viewer’ seems to be doing the trick, especially now that I’ve got access to it via Favourites.

When I tried gnome I searched for it, but could only find the windowed app monitor, which obviously won’t give me a always-visible info, as the panel widget I use in KDE.

I find it improbable that there is no equivalent to such widget in gnome. If you find something, please tell.