how to mirror at opensuse 11.0

Hi Everybody!!

I have the Dell Server
cpu 2.8 GHz,
mem 2 GB
HDD 500GB SATA X 2 Hard drive.(totally 1 TB)

I want to install the openSUSE 11.0 and HDD mirroring.
I already had a openSUSE 11.0 DVD
I am the novice for the linux.
Pls Help me. where can i Start?

Thanks alot for ur help and advice.

Is this what you are looking for
Mirror Setup Howto - openSUSE

Thanks alot for ur quick reply,caf4926.

Just now I am installation the openSUSE 11.0.
but i dont know how to do at the expert partitioner. i saw

Device | Size | F | Type | mount
/dev/sda | 465.7GB | | ST35003200AS |
/dev/sda1 | 2.0GB | F | Linux swap | swap
/dev/sda2 | 20.0GB | F | Linux native(Ext3)| /
/dev/sda3| 443.7GB| F | Linux native(Ext3)| /home
/dev/sdb | 465.7GB| | ST35003200AS

Just like
how should i continue.

This is up to you really. As it is, it’s using just the one disk
swap=virtual memory
/= root file system- all OS files et
/home= your user data

set a mount point for your other drive, format it the way you prefer ie; ext3, ntfs??

Thanks alot caf4926.

Can u tell me about the “chunk size”?

Thar Soe

If the chunksize is set to a small value, each chunk will be able to store less data but there will be many more chunks per MB of the disk cache. The disk cache can then make more efficient use of each chunk. Instead of flushing data from a single large chunk of cache just to store a small dataset, the disk cache can now flush a few small chunks that is just large enough to cache that dataset. In short, there will be less wasted cache space. However, due to the larger number of chunks being managed, there will be a larger overhead for all cache transactions.
On the other hand, the chunksize can be increased so that there will be fewer chunks (for a given cache size) to manage. This will lower the overhead of the cache but because there are fewer chunks per MB of cache, the disk cache will have to store data in larger and less efficient chunks.