How to map laptop sound volume buttons to specific sound controler?

Hi. I’m running 12.3 64-bit KDE 4.10.2 on a Dell E6530. I’m having trouble with the volume up and volume down buttons. Actually, under normal circumstances, they work perfectly. But I’ve noticed that when I plug in my Polycom communicator, which i use for Skype conference calls, the buttons stop influencing “Built in Audio” (as seen in Pulse Audio Volume Control) and begin to influence the output sliders for “Polycom Communicator”. When I unplug the Polycom, the buttons go back to influencing “Built in Audio”. Since Skype is the only application that I route through the Polycom, this is annoying because I would typically just leave the Polycom plugged in, but then I have to open Pulse every time I want to adjust the volume coming from the laptop’s speakers.

Question: Is there a way to force the button to map to “Built in Audio” permanently so that the mapping does not change when I plug in the Polycom?

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So if you appear to have two sound devices, you can only use one at a time for sound. I am not sure if Pulse thinks its the one to use or what but you need to visit Configure Desktop / Multimedia / Phonon and the Tabs Device Preference and Audio Hardware Setup. With the appliance plugged in, check to see that your default sound device is at the top of the Device Preference list. Under Audio Hardware Setup, I select the Profile of Off for any sound devices I am not using.

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Hi. Thanks for the response. I can’t see any way using phonom to affect the order that devices appear in pulse. What seems clear to me is that my volume buttons map to the device most recently added. If I boot with the polycom plugged in, it is first in the list and the buttons map to “Built In Audio”. If I plug the polycom in after I log in, it is last in the list and the buttons control it’s slider in pulse. So, I don’t think I’m any farther along towards solving the issue.

I will take issue with your statement that only one sound device can be used at a time. I can easily route sound from different sources through both the speakers and the polycom simultaneously. I do not think I can route a single sound source through both devices, though, so maybe that’s what you meant.

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