How to manage java applet permissions

How do I change/manage permissions for applet.

Sometimes Suse will ask if we want to grant Java applet permisionts to resource on localhost. This permision is required for some java applications to run property.

I have once misclicked and could not figure out how to grant it again.

First, if you’re asking about SLES or SLED, you’re in the wrong forums.
The following applies if you’re running any version of openSUSE.

I haven’t had to do this for many, many years personally so I decided to look this up.

Most of the Internet results I looked at were not too helpful like “always run as root or use sudo” or make your java binary executable. That might be true in almost all situations but I imagine that there would be exceptions like applying a security policy, eg as described in the following

Best I found was…
First, make sure you set up your Java environment variables correctly, the following is one guide that that describes something pretty close to what I’ve always done… You can create a script and place it in /etc/profile.d/ or simply create a file /etc/profile.local and write your entries to it. One guide describes this

After that, in the past you’d have to write your security policy modifications to a configuration file, but seems that both Oracle Java on Linux and openjdk now have graphical consoles which monitor but might be extensible to set permissions(?).


Like tsu2, I wonder why you choose OTHER VERSION, but then did not tell us which version.

When your version is not amongst the supported version in the choice menu, it is of course the more important that you explain what you use.

And yes, often people that choose OTHER VERSION do so because they landed here on the openSUSE forums instead of going to the SUSE LInux Enterprise forums: