How to make XP Default when installed 11.4?

With the installation of 11.4 the grub will be installed in the MBR. When I first installed the Opensuse 11.4, restart my computer and get into the boot menu, I found that the OpenSUSE boot item was at the top while Windows Xp was at the bottom. It may cause problem when my parents are going to use the computer (they only know XP). How to set the Windows XP as the first item and the default choice?

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goto kmenu (the icon on the extreme left with the lizard) goto computer>Yast, insert password, click on system>bootloader, select thw windows and click on “set as default”, click on ok, reboot and you have the windows for first choice :slight_smile:

WOOOOWWWWW! I have never heard about this kind of easy way to set something serious in an OS! I am a kubuntu user before and if I want to change the boot order in grub, I have to change a lot of codes in some key texts… OpenSUSE make it much easier. I was almost shocked.