How to make VLC display CD track titles?

In opensuse 12.2 (64 bit, KDE 4.10) how can I make VLC retrieve and display
the track titles?
Many thanks

Music? CD’s ?

if so play them in rhythmbox

or video cd’s

Guest, I am able to display vlc audio cd track titles, but my system is opensuse 11.4, 32 bit, gnome 2, vlc current version.
I never knew that titles came from an external service but it seems they do.
Make sure that you have in your setup for Show Settings ALL,
Go to: Input/Codecs, Access Modules, Audio CD
CDDB Server is set to : (that’s vlc service to retrieve track titles
CDDB Port is set to 80 (but i don’t think that’;s important and is probably machine specitific.

Then when playing disk, I have found that your need to go Media, Open DIsc, DIsc Tab, then check Audio CD option.
Then play.

Works for me and the discs I have, gives album name, track name. Maybe not all albums are include in freedb but seems to work.

Tom Kosvic

Audio CDs. Thank you for the detailed explanation. I will take a look now.