How to make touchscreen gestures availables?

Hello :slight_smile:

I would like to kindly ask you for some help with the below problem I am unable to solve.

I got a few months ago a laptop with touchscreen:

  • Asus Zen Pro UX501J (UX501JW-FJ210H)
  • Intel I7
  • Geforce 960M
  • 8GB ram
  • Resolution 3840x2160 touchscreen up to 10 fingers.
  • OpenSuse 13.2

The touchscreen work perfectly by default, but I did not found any way to make gestures to work: I would like the same gestures than on the touchpad

  • 2 fingers for scroll
  • 2 fingers for right-click
  • 3 fingers for central-click
    Or any other equivalent configuration.

I found a lot of tutorials on internet about hand-writing recognition and other similar stuff for tables, which are useless in this particular case.

My question is: Which software and/or configuration could (if exists) allow touch-screen gestures for the different mouse interactions?

Thanks you in advance for your time and help.

Have a good evening
A. Maire

Have you installed the tablet pattern from YaST? You don’t say which desktop you are using but I believe that, once this is installed, you should be able to configure KDE to recognise gestures.

I am using KDE destkop.

Yes, i had installed the tablet pattern, and it provide hand-writing. But as said, it is useless as I have keyboard. But no gestures are available: neither right-click or middle click or scroll.