How to make jack_control work with python3

This is more of a FYI if anyone is having problem with jack at the moment

There was a recent update to jack that breaks /usr/bin/jack_control

  File "/usr/bin/jack_control", line 80
    print '****'
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print('****')?

Looking at line 80 doesn’t really tell you much, but apparently the fix is to edit line 1 of the python script, and replace




It looks as though several jack packages were updated on 2018-09-28, I’m not sure which specific one that jack_control is in, but I have a vague feeling that I had to correct this python3 error previously, so it may
not be a “new” error in this particular release.

I use jack_control to set things up so I can load QjackCtl, then Qsynth, and finally Rosegarden to play back (and edit) midi files Probably a fairly rare use case scenario!


Since this is not a request for help, but is instead a valuable tip/how-to, closing this thread and moving to Unreviewed FAQs.

Thread moved and re-opened.

I doubt that it is all that rare, myself. Lots of Musicians and Music Creators in the openSUSE Members stable.:wink:

I am currently quadra-booting, one of those is AV Linux for my Recording purposes, but Simon Lees is planning on optimizing that sort of thing for openSUSE. And, I am going to try and help him. But, it is down the road a ways, as we are both quite busy with so many other things.