How to make Elgg site show hierarchy in Google search?

How can I make my Elgg based site show in Google searches like this? I don’t even know what this is called, so I don’t know what to even google.

On 07/09/2013 06:46 AM, Shadowolf7 wrote:
> How can I make my Elgg based site show in Google searches

having been here (in the openSUSE forums) for years and never heard
of Elgg before, i would suggest that your question actually has
nothing to do with either networking or openSUSE…and while you are
welcome to follow this thread (some Elgg guru might see it and give a
great answer), you might find a better and faster answer in the Elgg
forum, try here:

or how to get your site noticed by google (and ranked early in
search results) is certainly not a question for the openSUSE
forums…instead, here are 54M


This link answers part of your question
Google Search Result Snippets - AccuraCast

This question appears to be about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Because everyone in the world has numerous incentives to improve their Search ranking, there is an ongoing effort to “game” the Search Engines.

But, of course the Search Engines are aware of this, so are always altering their practices to invalidate such tactics. And, that is why a link from 2006 likely isn’t going to mean much.

Today, the way Search Engines rank results is very complex and incorporates many strategies including text analysis, metadata(although not so much anymore), links to other websites(taking into account their rankings) and will even downgrade if certain tactics are recognized.

Your first step should be to submit your website to each Search Engine instead of waiting for a spyder to come calling (Even if you don’t submit, the search engines regularly crawl the Internet). Make sure you don’t have a robots.txt that tells the Search Engine <not> to index your website.

From there, you can either research or hire a company to optimize. Be sure to use <only> practices which have been verified valid and written about within the past 6 mths or so. Sometimes the search engines themselves will offer hints for practices they approve.

IMO and Good Luck,

I know it’s not explicitly openSUSE related, but I know squat about this stuff, so I don’t know what to google even.

I’m not looking to ‘game’ the results, I just want that clean heirarchical thing like it shows the official Elgg site having in the picture. No clue what that is even called.

On 07/12/2013 08:26 PM, Shadowolf7 wrote:
> like it shows the official Elgg site

ask the people at the official Elgg site!!

i know less about Elgg then you do [never heard of it!] but i used
google to find the Elgg forum and i gave you their URL (this
thread’s second post), did they answer you questions?


Got it figured out. It’s just some Google magic I have no control over.

> Got it figured out.

happy for you!! sorry i couldn’t help more.


I have a website made out with the Elgg free open source software (open source script).
Although I recognize that at the beginning it was pretty confusing and things almost went out of hand during the installation.

Believe it or not, the preparation of a successful website begins from the very beginning, planning the whole project.

If you count to be on top of search engines, better make sure to start writing original and interesting articles, technical information, helpful opinions and reviews all day long, month after month. Additional large colorful media like photos and educational, fun, interesting videos are stream helpful for the web site ranking on search engines.

Probable having the right tools to take full advantage of the Elgg script like for example after installing it with success, taking the time to spread word of mouth the great news about your domain name and describing the purpose of social media all over, the colleges universities, high-schools, on other social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Linkssin etc.
What I want to say is that submitting a sitemap from your new site (get a plugin from the section on Elgg website and install it), and making sure that the crawlers aren’t blocked by the robots.txt or the .haccess file on your server space. Always ask the administrator at the server where you decided to take web hosting for your site. tell them to explain easily about how to take control of the files for your new website.

For search engines like Google crawler,. Yahoo, Bing, the spammers are a big problem and they lower your site’s ranking, so make sure to break them down with plugins from Elgg installed by you on your administrator panel at your Elgg site.
My Social Website is Called Book Of Like And I taking care of it slowly because it is a full time job.
Probable the most important thing to do is never spam other websites and then point the links to yours, this is a NO in big letters.

Also, not to much adverts, never more than two per page and away from the page top fold. If the adverts are located at the right side away from content, it is much better.
Again, submitting all pages as you can to those search engines and keep the site running continuously on a good web server with 99.9% uptime.

Invite real people to open their own profiles with photos and news, their life’s stories etc.
Make it like a place where people want to return once they seen it, make it fun and attractive.
Right now Elgg is version 2.9 and it is getting better with hundreds of new plugins to make it outstanding.
I hope this small tips will make it easy job for you, ah and ask for assistance at Elgg communities, they do provide an excellent help