How to make a tray icon in KDE4

Do you just want something to make life a little easier?
Then you could make a tray icon for your desktop, here’s how I did it YMMV.
1)Open Dolphin> Desktop folder
2)Right click in there Create New> Link to Application
3)Under the General tab type: Tray
4)Click the Applications tab
A.In Name & Description type: Tray
B.In Command type: eject -T (that’s eject space once -T that space is important)
C.Click Add at the lower left(this’ll take a little time to come up)
D.When the box does come up expand applications, look for plasmoid *.plasma select it & check the box click OK
A note here if you don’t put in the plasma thing it won’t work.
5)go back to the General tab left click the icon picture select an icon click OK
6)Drag & drop from your Desktop folder to your Desktop if at this point you don’t get the icon you picked after you D & D’d(a questionmark or gear)just right click the icon, select icon settings & do as in Step 5

If all has gone well it should work like this:
1.Click or 2click(However you’re set up) the tray icon the tray will open
2.Put in your disc click the tray icon again it should close
3.after you’re done with the disc use Dolphin to eject it get your disc out
4.Click the tray icon it should close
Have fun!;)************