How to make a SUSE Linux Windows 2008R2 to see a LUN (FC SAN uses Qlogic) on the host server?


I built a VM Windows 2008 R2 server on SLES11 sp1 server, and ling a 2T LUN to the host server. If any one know that how to make the windows VM server to see this LUN and formatting it like drive D on the VM?

Thanks for your instruction.

If connecting to a SAN, have you considered iSCSI?
Practically anything similar that exposes the LUN as a network object should work.

Exact options require you to state the virtualization technology you’re using.


Thanks for your answer.
This is a first time for me to work on this situation with VM windows. ( I did some on Linux VM ). Do you have a steo by step install instruction for me?

Please be aware that these are the openSUSE forums, not the SLES/SLED forums. They are at (same username/password as here.

I see you got some help already, but in general, many people here do not even know what SLES/SLED is, thus be carefull because answers may be biased against openSUSE.

Steps to implement iSCSI in a Virtual Machine should be nearly identical to steps on bare metal with only the following additional:

Your VMs in the same network must be able to communicate with each other, ie either belong to the same virtual network or typically bridge to a physical network (so all Hosts on both virtual and physical networks can see each other).

Once that is done, then configure your initiators and targets the usual way.

This is typically a generic question and solution, but hcvv states, if you need specific instructions about how to setup in SLES, you should post to those forums, but on SUSE in general (both open and SLES) you should just set up in YAST.