How to make a request for Leap 15.1 update to QT 5.12 lts?

opensuse leap 15.1 come with QT 5.9 that is a version too old of QT for the current dev and almost every distro including those that are LTS are using a version greater than or equal to QT 5.10, so how can i make a push to opensuse leap 15.1 update to QT 5.12 lts?

Doing a quick check, I see that Tumbleweed is at QT 5.13.1. But Leap 15.2 Alpha is still at QT 5.9.7.

There is probably a testing repo you could use for a newer QT. Or you could post a bug report as a feature request.

You would have to add the KDE repos. But it’s not coming to Leap 15.1 itself. Maybe as an update through the Update repo. If you want to be sure to run the latest, run Tumbleweed.

Thank you for the reply, but i am more interesting on put on the table that leap 15.1 can be updated to QT 5.12, giving a easy way for developers transport the app to opensuse, others distro are ahead because this.

where can i make that report?

The following command should add the KDE Qt repo, which currently provides Qt 5.13, updated just yesterday

zypper ar -f KDE_Qt

It helps to know that KDE/Plasma is the biggest promoter of Qt in a DE today, so there will be a KDE repo for that technology, and it can be found on this page


That is not the way Leap versioning works. There will normaly be no upgrades to new versions of components of a Leap version. When a newer Leap version is released, it will have the newest version of everything that coul be tested (and passed the testing) of that new Leap version in time.

This to have a stable OS. Stable not only in the sense that things will not break, but also in the sense that there will be no changes for the users during the lifetime of that Leap version. Typicaly a strong whish for those that use a system for day to day scores, where the same functionality as that of yesterday is very, very important.

I’ll note that, according to an announcement today
KDE and openSUSE: Plasma 5.17, Qt 5.14 and more
Leap 15.2 will come with QT5.12 and KDE 5.18.

I think that’s expected to be available around next May. It is currently in alpha testing, but the newer software versions are not yet there in the alpha test release.

Ok, thank you very much for the advices