How to login without asked. Root password after login ?

How to login without asked. Root password. After login?
I don’t want to be asked evey time for open some software?
How to. Forget question root password for two hours?

There is a problem with polkit that causes this and is probably the updater that is triggering the problem. Maybe see if you can drop polkit back a version then lockit.

I think you not understand. My say
I do with on the ubuntu? I can off password root for a while
Why can’t do on the opensuse? (Off root password for some hours)

You can.
Just activate the “Remember password” checkbox in the root password dialog.

How to enable root user?
I want login root user.
I can login root user in the opensuse 13.2.
I don’t know login on the 42.1

On Mon, 16 Nov 2015 20:36:01 +0000, 123thinksuse wrote:

> I want login root user.

Don’t. That’s considered a very poor practice.

Use a normal user for normal stuff, use kdeus/gnomesu to switch to root
for the things you need it for.


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You misunderstand. Whenever a dialog (popup) asks you for root password, somewhere on that dialog there should a checkbox mentioning to keep root password.

Note the password is kept open for only about 5 minutes

Thaks to all for guidance.