How to load all the file system into RAM


I have set up a client to do netboot from the a server successfully, and I am also trying to have the client computer load all the file system into the RAM.
Can anyone help me? Can I somehow just modify the initrd file from the server and have the client to load from its RAM?


If you’ve implemented PXE you’re already there.

Or, describe what you think is missing.


So i have netboot set up which i believe that means i have pxe set up already, but files are still being pulled or stored in the server as i make changes to the client. I was hoping to set it up in a way that, when the client boots up, all its file system will be loaded to the RAM and even if the network cable is discontinued, the client is still fully functional until the user restart the computer.
I hope that makes it more clear.


How much RAM do you have?? The full OS takes more space then in the average machine.

Also any changes you make will not be saved for the next net boot. So not really sure what you are trying to do.