How to lighten KDE's memory usage

I have an older system (old Netbook) I am considering the desktop environment for. It’s a single-core AMD Athlon chip and has 2 GB of RAM (the max).

I know that Xfce and LXDE are lighter and will work on this system. Those are my fallback if I cannot get a preferred desktop environment to a comfortable level.

Gnome is a gno-go because of something going on with the video and artifacts on the screen. It improved slightly when I lowered the resolution (down from 1366x768).

KDE works alright, and I like the Netbook (Search) desktop style. As expected, it is heavier than Xfce.

So my question is, what are some of the things that can be turned off, or tweaked to lighten the load on the system?

One thing I have thought of is turning off Desktop effects. I read somewhere else, to turn off Akondi and indexing.

Anything else?

I’ve recently got a 3/4 year old HP G60 laptop, it’s got 1.66ghz Dual-Core CPU and 1GB of RAM.

It’s got 13.2 RC1 on it and it idles at 230MB which i was really surprised about (expected higher)

Have you tried going into “configure desktop” then “Startup and Shutdown” and take a look at the startup services in “Service Manager”

I disable apper monitor because i remove apper, bluetooth (if i have no bluetooth hardware)

then for Session Management i set it to load a empty session when i login.

Have you thought about trying out Razor-QT ?

I’m tempted to try it and see how it is.

There was an interesting article in Linux Magazine on the union of LXDE and Razor-qt to become LXQt under KDE (“…so LXQt can leverage the existing KDE infrastructure”).

I tried Cinnamon, but no go on my hardware. Mate works great. If I were to continue to use KDE or KDE applications, I’d turn off composite (animation, desktop effects), desktop search, and I’d check applications on startup.