How to launch Chrome in kiosk mode from terminal without notifications


For professional use, we are running Chrome from the terminal using nohup google-chrome-stable --new-window --app="$URL_0" &>/dev/null &

Then :
1 ) Chrome displays a login web page with a Citrix URL,
2 ) When logged OK, Chrome downloads the .ica Client,
3 ) BUT Chrome displays notifications in the form of pop-ups warning of possible risks, which cannot be accepted for this type of professional use…

Question :

  • How can I block the appearance of warning pop-ups from the shell ?
  • What should I add to my script ?
  • nohup google-chrome-stable --new-window --app="$URL_0" &>/dev/null &

PS : OK for Chromium if it is simplier

Thanks for your help !

Best Regards,

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