how to install

Hello, i have a notebook with FreeDOS (and anything else) and the CD of installation of OpenSUSE.

How to install?

Defrag your freedos first.
FreeDOS defrag

Also, backup anything that may be important.

Then before installing, ensure your PC has the “horsepower” to install openSUSE.

How much RAM do you have?

How much hard drive space?

Also, what live CD do you have? I don’t recommend the KDE-4.0.4 live CD. But there Gnome live CD for openSUSE-11.0 is good, and there are KDE-3 and KDE-4.1 live CDs for openSUSE-11.0 that are also good.

Once you are certain your PC is powerful enough, and that you have selected a good Live CD, put the openSUSE CD in your PC’s CD drive and reboot. Do the media check on the liveCD. And then once that passes, go ahead with the install.

Note, depending on your PC hardware, you may need to so some special things upon installing.

Also take a look at our stickie:
NEWBIES - Suse-11.0 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

3 Gb Ram 120 Gb Hard drive.

OK, then you should have no problem with a desktop like KDE or Gnome.