How to install Zimbra Desktop in 64-bit openSuse

Zimbra Desktop is a personal information manager roughly similar to Evolution. Considering the under developed state of Linux email clients it is worth a look. It is a java application that runs well in most environments but only comes in a 32-bit version. The current owner seems opposed to supporting a 64-bit version and it doesn’t install in 64-bit openSuse without a minor configuration adjustment. Open Yast and go to Software Management. Select View -> Patterns. Scroll down to the bottom and activate x86 Runtime Environment.

After that the program will install like any tgz archive.

Download the file.
Extract to a temporary folder
cd to folder with the file.
sudo ./

When you reach the question "Would you like to install data files for user: root? answer No.

The path to the user configuration file will be displayed in the terminal. Rerun the configuration program without sudo so you can run the program within your user permissions. The program will install an icon on the desktop.