How to install WINE

creatura85 wrote:
> hcvv;2368158 Wrote:
>> …
>> I hope you understand.
> Dont worry i do; like any other user involved in this forum im here
> learn from other peoples experience and adjust it to my needs(when in
> doubt, trouble or just learning) and of course to leave something good
> behind that could help others that will come after me. It is not wrong
> to say that from mistakes we learn how to avoid them.
> “People will get the feeling that doing things as root is quite normal
> and they will soon end up in not only using it for compiling Wine, but
> doing the weirdest things with it.”
> That would be weird; i find it hard to belive but hey the world is big
> and has over 6 bilion ideas…

Well, that has something to do with some people getting shocked as they
read ‘hey i am using root and somethind does not work’.
In some distributions root is disabled, here you can use it.
I actually find it quite amusing that something gets off in some peoples
I think almost everything can be done with SUDO.
Oh, some forums ban people for even giving tricks with root or su.
Not sure how it is here.
Just use sudo to make changes to your system and it should be fine.

Windows, supports nearly all software, hardware, and viruses.

I’ve just gone through this process myself. Above listed steps for installing Wine with Yast, but you may want to try a one-click install ( -> get it -> search for WINE). If you want to always have the latest and greatest WINE, then add its buildservice repo (Yast -> Software Repositories -> Add -> Community -> find the WINE buildservice in the list). WINE can be tricky; sometimes you need the real DLL from Windows instead of WINE’s reverse-engineered one. In this case, you copy the DLL into the SAME folder as the program you’re trying to run, then open Configure Wine and add that DLL on the Libraries tab. Wine HQ maintains an app database where you can usually find out what if any DLLs you’ll need. Oh, and the way to find the folder where your app is installed is to open Dolphin, click on Home on the left pane, then the view menu, then show hidden files, so that you ccan find the “.wine” directory.

yester64: well since im still able to post it means that im not banned for what i have said a few posts back; agree with you sudo is a best way to do things.

gfagan: yes some times windows DLLs are needed to play a game or run an application; i usually get them from this site [DllDump - free dll files. download dll files you need immediately!]( but you can also use winetricks [winetricks - The Official Wine Wiki]( to install some DLLs (beware of directX)

On 07/26/2011 12:08 AM, joergjaeger wrote:
> Just use sudo to make changes to your system and it should be fine.

except that one needs to know that when using sudo you continue to use
the user’s (and not root’s) path…which is usually ok…anyway, you
can always supply the complete path if needed…

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