HOW-TO: Install Vuse 4.3 via RPG/YaST in Two Clicks

Hi all. If you go to Vuze: The most powerful bittorrent client in the world. you’ll see that you can download a tarball for linux. But, if you’re like me, you’d rather get the RPG so you can use YaST to install it, allowing you to add vuze to your application launcher and desktop. After digging through google for the rare RPG files for the latest version of vuze, I felt compelled to share it with the community, and hopefully this will make the process easier for everyone else.

Step 1: Download the swt libraries RPM here: - ( original link found on this page )

Step 2: Download the Vuze RPM here: ( original link found on this page )

The Vuze package needs the swt libraries pre-installed, so download that one first. In just two clicks, you’ll have the latest version of Vuze installed by YaST on your system!

BTW, this is my first post and first thread in these forums. I just installed SUSE on Tuesday and it’s my first Linux OS i’ve tried. So for I’m loving it!

Thanks for the post, but it’s easier just to add the Packman repo and allow it to happen via Software Management.
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I agree, that would have been easier.

How do I delete threads? lol

No need to delete it. You can’t anyway. I can but I decide to leave it:)