How to install Vmware Workstation 6.5 and Vmware Server 2.0

I have created two video tutorials, one is about how to install Vmware Workstation 6.5 using the bundle file in openSuse 11.0 and the other is about how to install Vmware server 2.0 using the tar.gz file in openSuse 11.0, the videos are available at:

Video de Instalacion de Vmware 6.5 en OpenSuse 11.0 « Weblog Tecnologico

Video de Instalacion de Vmware Server 2.0 en OpenSuse 11.0 « Weblog Tecnologico

Hello Easgs,

Thanks for the useful tutorials.
One thing I would like to add is that it’s a better practice to use the rpm installs as openSUSE, like Fedora, uses the rpm packager.

Using an rpm is cleaner when upgrading, checking or de-installing software packages. After installing the rpm you only need to run the and you are ready to go.


Hi Magic31,

you are right, but when i use the rpm i need to configure vmware with “” and this i dont find anymore!
Has someone a solution?
It seams that it is only the solution with the bundle archiv ->


Hi cocolocko,

Which version of vmware have you installed?. the script should be in /usr/bin.
Whats the output of

whereis vmware
whereis vmware-config

Regarding install of VMware rpm; As mentioned in my post in SuseUnbound here: Vmware player version 2.5 64 bit rpm There is no longer a script, Magic, in the newer Player or 6.5 Workstation. You also no longer have to run the config script when loading a new kernel as the program will detect a kernel change next time it starts and reconfigure itself after asking for root permission.

Things have changed.

Hi Matt,

Yes, that’s true. Only installed VMware workstation last week… it went so smooth I forgot to notice the missing script :wink:

The VMWare Server version still requires it though, so I keep the habit and check to ask what it is that is being installed.


Vmware recommends to use the bundle installer, you can still use the rpm installer but it has a bug that make the installation to display some errors even if the program is installed correctly.

VMware Communities: VMWARE 6.5 Installation In Arch Linux …

So, yes with the BUNDLE version, it works great!
And can someone tell me, for what is the RPM version?


Hallo, sorry desturbing you with my problem:
After millions of trial getting VMware, California to my 11.0 I got a trial version, but no Serial Number, so I still cannot check wheather VMware Workstation 6.5.0 works with WinXP or not!?
Unfortenatelly I ordred a MS Windows Version (xxx.exe File) and have themfore the license. Have you any recommendation how to get a Trial version or a Linux version without doing the sales way over VMware California (my support time there is also now closed).
Greetings Alex>:(>:(

Just go here and re-enter your login details and download the linux one?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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The California sceen says: buy it!!. do you know is there a difference between Vmware linux based and Vmware USA based?