How to install video driver

I downloaded a video driver from; It is a linux driver and is an executable fle.

How do I install it?

I attempted to use modprobe and that fails. Here is a cut and paste of what happens:

Abitbox:/home/gary # ls -l /home/gary/Desktop/X*
-rwxrwxr-x 1 gary users 2979244 2000-02-17 04:07 /home/gary/Desktop/XSiS_SVGA
Abitbox:/home/gary #
Abitbox:/home/gary # modprobe /home/gary/Desktop/XSiS_SVGA
FATAL: Module /home/gary/Desktop/XSiS_SVGA not found.
Abitbox:/home/gary #

Which driver to you grab? I don’t see any driver on their site with the XSiS_SVGA name you mention.



They both contain XSiS.SVGA which is a linux executable.

Start at this url:, then

  1. step 1 - linux
  2. step 2 - IGP graphics drivers
  3. step 3 - sis630 sis730 series