How to install via a Flashdrive

I am new to this Linux world and I am going to be getting a netbook for college. They don’t have the greatest power so I was going to run Linux on it. I have used openSUSE before and like it. I haven’t had much experience in the ins and outs of the terminal IO but I do know a few things about computers in general. So my question is, what is the easiest way to get openSUSE loaded onto a netbook that has no optical drive? I would like a walkthrough of how to change a liveCD version of linux into a liveFlashdrive, if you know what I mean.

Well thank you.

No walk thru I’m afraid
But use this to create a bootable live cd on a flash drive: UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads

There is a list of distro’s available by default. I would try one that way. Some users have had problems with openSUSE, but I understand that is from manually downloaded .iso’s
Beauty is you can try any number live and install what you like best.