how to install tor in opensuse 11.4?


i would like to install tor in opensuse 11.4 i visited tor official website but as a beginner the installation process is very complicated to me , so is any one can help me and teach me how to install packages in linux :slight_smile: .
thank you very much .

One click here"tor"

thank you very much :slight_smile:
also i found a good tutorial about installing tor
tor - Documentation Ubuntu Francophone :wink:

There is a little more to it then getting tor from the repo. I have it working with Firefox 4.

There is a couple of other things you will need. Can’t remember right off. Read the how to on the tor site. That help me get it going, That and a lot of luck.

If you have problems , I will try to walk back throw it.

download libevent souce code download tor source code unpack both to different directorys ./configure make make install libevent first then assuming libevent compiled ok it should be in /usr/local now for tor ./configure --with-libevent-dir=/usr/local make make install tor should be ready but make sure you have gcc and a proper devel setup first kernel source and friends it will work on opensuse 11.4 because i have done it from derram i hope it works for you

Basically, the compilation tutorial can be found in the TOR Wiki on Tor Project: Anonymity Online.

If you install it from a repo look for version (the current one).

For use the web-proxy ‘polipo’ is recommended, with a sample config file being availible in the TORproject wiki.
For use with firefox you can look at “TORbutton” or foxyproxy, the latter is not liked much by the TOR community, but I myself think it’s pretty comfortable, if you’re not overly paranoid.
Vidalia for configuration(GUI), or for the same purpose ARM (CLI).

And just as an aside: Try to configure your node as exit or relay, to make the TOR-network bigger :wink:

i installed it with one click install in openSUSE 12.1. how can i use it now? i did not find tor application in kickoff.

I never used it
I just provided the link

In a terminal what do you get with

man tor

> i installed it with one click install in openSUSE 12.1. how can i use
> it now?

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