How to Install The Yast and Kernel of OpenSuse 11.0 on 10.3

Hi guys,

I hope you won’t consider this a stupid question.
I am now running OpenSuse 10.3.

I was wondering:

  1. is it possible to do a 1-click-install and get the latest wonderful yast released with OpenSuse 11.0 installed on OpenSuse 10.3? (compiled for 10.3)?
    If so, where to get it?
  2. the same question above but for the latest Kernel.

If the above is possible and done, can I say that I will be having opensuse 10.3 with the beauty, spead, functionality of opensuse 11.0? (while I keeping KDE 3.5)?

I’ll appreciate your advice.

I’m sure it could be done, but it sounds like a world of pain. For example, you’ll have fun with RPMs.

Do you know that you can install openSUSE 11.0 without trashing your home directory, and with KDE 3.5.9 ? That’s what I did.

Basic principle: rename your home directory, install openSUSE but don’t format /home partition , move your old stuff over.

Now, I’m assuming you have a separate partition for /home. If you don’t then life isn’t that easy. I’d then backup the home folder and install, taking care to format with a separate /home partition to ease future upgrades, then restore.

There’s lots of help in the sticky threads of this forum about exactly this procedure.

PS It would be useful to know why you want to do this. :slight_smile:

Thanks KJ44,

I have experimented opensuse 11.0 (live cd with KDE4) already, and noticed what you mentioned about keeping my home directory. To my surprise it even kept the firefox bookmarks and all other configurations for all applications.

I’m already re downloading the opensuse 11.0 DVD, once finished will reinstall with KDE3.

I reinstalled 10.3 as it was previously installed and was fine with me, untill I finish with 11.0

About partitions, I have no prob with that as I am keeping all data on an external USB hard disk.

My question was mainly out of curiosity and experimenting, it will give me better understanding and experience. Maybe as well if my initial questions were possible to do, and I will be having the fast new yast and the new kernel of 11.0, I might be ending up having the best of both worlds and won’t need to reinstall 11.0 from the DVD.

It’s mainly curiosity and experimenting as I said.
But I’ll endup soon installing 11.o with KDE3.

I am not experience with yast itself, so I don’t need to end up reinstalling 10.3, prefer some guidance, and prefer 1-click-install.

I searched before posting this thread, and read, but I don’t know why I felt uncertain, can you please give me the paticular threads or posts you mean? or perhaps guide me?
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

NEWBIES - Suse-11.0 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

oldcpu (one of the moderators here) probably has more links, but the above sticky thread exists to collect all the installation FAQ in one place.

It’s fun to learn, I’d never discourage that, but again, there are better things to learn about than how to mix and match with back compatibility between distro releases.

I was in a similar situation with 10.3 - it worked and was augmented with the latest versions of several programs - until I tried to upgrade the Tcl/Tk stuff I use to version 8.5 - then I discovered that the RPM files in the factory repos are the funky new ones for 11.0, and that 10.3 didn’t support them. I could have installed the new version of rpm itself by hand and then … it just seemed easier to install 11.0 on three machines than bang my head against the wall.

I’d recommend learning YaST on an 11.0 system - if nothing else, it’s improved considerably over the bad old days of 10.1 and is once more a pleasure to use.

If you are looking for something to learn, maybe learn how to make your own distro starting from 11.0 to suit some niche market or need? I think that’s what the openSUSE build service is about - but the URL is down for maintenance.

Thanks a lot mate, I was thinking it would be something like a simple update or upgrade. I never thought of it as a mix-and-match thing. I’m not that kind… I never put a volks wagen beatle engine in Mercedes E class to get the best of both worlds!

As I mentioned, I only thought it would be an upgrade.

Now, I learned something new.

I’ll check opensuse build service as per your advice.

Thanks pal