How to "install" tar.bz2 (Mendeley)?


Mendeley is unfortunately not to be found in the any repositories, not even in OBS so I downloaded a tar.bz2 from Mendeley’s website:
(“Linux generic”)

How do I “install” this now? It seems like it does not need to be compiled. But where should I extract it and how do I create a symbol for it for the start menu?
Will this create conflicts with Tumbleweed in the future?


Where you put it is up to you, but unless you want it available
system-wide (in which case you should get some RPMs going usually), I
would just put it n your home directory. I have a directory named ‘apps’
in /home/ab where I put all sorts of random things that need to be there
for me, so create that, then extract the tarball (tar.bz2) there, and test
it out.

Once you know it works how you create an item in a menu depends on which
desktop environment you are using (KDE vs. Gnome vs. one of the others).

If you extract like this, there should be no conflict with other things in
terms of operation, though you may eventually end up with two things in
menus, in which case just undo the one you created manually.

Good luck.

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Creating a start menu entry is only dependent on the DE? Actually independent from the distribution?
I’m running KDE, could you briefly explain how it’s done there?

Right click menu = select Edit applications. Follow your nose to add edit delete menu items