HOW TO install tablet pen


I was wondering if SUSE supports the WACOM LLC302 penpower tablet pen.

I am currently using windows XP with the penpower for writing chinese.

I have seen a distro called ThizLinux, but it seems outdated and the only versions I can find are 90 day trials.

I do not see any lists of tablet devices in the openSUSE hardware compatibility list (HCL). But that omission does not mean it is not supported, as it might be. Hardware - openSUSE

openSUSE-11.0 has superior tablet support over the earlier openSUSE versions. I recommend if you elect to install 11.0 that you go for KDE-3.5.9 or Gnome, but NOT KDE4.0.4.

There is information on how to configure your tablet here (don’t let the table PC title confuse you, … this is for all tablets):
TabletPCs - openSUSE

and if you get stumped, an offer of asstance from an openSUSE expert in this.
User : Dkukawka - openSUSE

thanks, i am going to try suse in the next few days.

will post up any problems i run into.

the main thing i want is to be able to write chinese with a linux distro as i know the tablet pen is supported and written for windows.

is there a reason why not KDE 4.0.4?

Yes, … lack of stability. … The 4.0.4 was/is still pretty much a cutting edge development effort (despite the 4.0.4 numbering), and in the 4.0.4 implementation it still has less features than KDE 3.5.9.

openSUSE-11.1 (due out in Dec) should have a KDE-4.1.x implementation that will be more stable than the 4.0.4 in openSUSE-11.0, although I suspect even KDE-4.1.x may not have all the features that KDE-3.5.9 has. My (very speculative and opinionated) view is that only when we get to openSUSE-11.2 will we see both the features, and relative bug free stability in KDE4 that we have enjoyed in KDE3 for sometime.