how to install suse 11.2 on macbook?

Hello every body,
I have a Macbook && two questions :smiley:
MacBook Model==>MC207LL/A Here
how to install suse 11.2 on my mac?(I have Windows 7 too.)
are there any driver for this Model?(please give me a link :frowning: )
please help me for using suse
Best Regards,
Sed Ali

any reply!!!

You will need someone who is running openSUSE on a mac to read this, for assistance here.

There are some threads relating to your question, after a search you will find an appropriate thread to post in.

Welcome to openSUSE forums. I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

tnx dvhenry

From the specs of the thing I would say you need the 64bit version. As a post install you need to enable the NVIDIA repo and install the driver from there to get full 3D support.

To test, I suggest you download a LiveCD iso, boot the machine from it and see if everything works. If so, it should run from HDD as well.