How to install software from opensuse DVD?

Hi everyone,

My question being short is: Can I install gcc from openSUSE installation DVD? If yes, how?

My story is: I need to install openssl and wpa_applicant to use wireless at uni. but first of all, I need gcc to compile them. I downloaded gcc in windows and tried to install it in openSUSE, but it has dependencies, then dependencies have their own dependencies, and on and on. Can I install gcc from installation DVD? If yes, how?

PS. I can’t connect to internet in openSUSE at the moment, so have to do it offline.

Many thanks.

  • tsynfeng,

Yast, Software Management should work by default unless you disabled the DVD as a repository.


yes, installing just “gcc” can be troublesome…better to (imo) install a more
complete development environment

try this: (assumes you have not removed the DVD from the repository list–as is

-open YaST

-give root pass when asked

-click Software Management

-in new window, near top, spin Filter: from “Search” to “Pattern”

-scroll down to “Development” and if empty, left click to place a check mark in

–"Base Developmen

–“C/C++ Development”

-it may/will probably add a list of dependencies it is also adding, click ok,
and will probably ask you to insert your install DVD…

do those things and then click accept…

hope it helps,

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Thanks a lot guys! will try it.

I feel much better being supported on this forum, thank you again.