How to install slowroll in virtualbox - learned the hard way

I learned a few things mostly by trial and error and with the help of some other opensuse factory helpers.

  1. It only works with the DVD iso - the network iso installs Tumbleweed with no chance of slowroll working.

  2. you have to have no networking in the virtual machine or it will install Tumbleweed (my problem for many attempts)

  3. The OpenSUSE slowroll page points to bad repos.

  4. After you reboot the install and add networking - do not zypper ref or zypper dup - that will install Tumbleweed.

  5. Install these repos as root:

   rm /etc/zypp/repos.d/*
   zypper ar base-oss
   zypper ar base-non-oss
   zypper ar -p 80 --refresh update
   zypper ar --disable base-src-oss
   zypper ar h264
   zypper ar -p 70 packman
  1. Now you can zypper dup (accept the repos when it asks)

I disagree with point 2. I installed from the DVD iso, and there was networking. Early in the install it asks whether to use online repos, and the default is to use them. I made sure that did not use online repos. My install went well. I then changed the repos as suggested, and did a “zypper dup”.

I did it with networking and you get Tumbleweed - not slowroll.

Maybe before this month it worked.

I though I had slowroll but I had Tumbleweed. It was when I compared my Tumbleweed to my slowroll I saw they were the same.

That is when I kept trying to install slowroll and failed to get slowroll.

These are what OpenSUSE factory folks said to do.

The repo http’s were from a user that figured out the problem by going to the .de repos instead of the US/Cnd repos…

I installed on Sept 13th. I got the repo list from slowroll wiki page. But I was careful to not use the online repos during the install.

When I did a “zypper dup” after setting up the slowroll repos, it found 130 updates. There would have been many more if I had been running Tumbleweed.

On this screen:

click “No” and it won’t matter whether you are connected to a network.

The slowroll ISO is an Tumbleweed ISO from August, so when you use the Online-Repos, it will install an Tumbleweed from August.

So as nrickert pointed out:
Do not use the online Repos on Installation.

After Installation remove/add the Repos as shown on the openSUSE wiki page and all is working well.

But you will get only the Essentials Packages from Packman, not all.

And after my last Update you will get:

lsb-release -id
Distributor ID: openSUSE
Description:     openSUSE Tumbleweed-Slowroll