How to install Qt designer?

Hi there. I use suse 11.1,kde 4.3 and wonder what do I need to install via yast to be able to run Qt designer. Thanks for help.

> Qt designer

do you have the “Qt designer” package in hand to install, but it
doesn’t list the dependencies/requirements?

hmmmm…where do you even get that “Qt designer”, to install? (i can’t
find it…well, i see some here and there, various versions…which
one do you have?)

hmmmmmm…this page:
says that “Qt Designer” is integrated into “Qt Creator” which is part
of their “New Cross-Platform Qt IDE” is that the “Qt designer” of
which you speak?

i didn’t study the manual for you but i guess therein you will find
what it requires…


Thanks palladium, I have figured it out now. All I needed was to install libqt4-devel package, this installs also the interface designer I need. Actually I will run it from within NetBeans IDE. I tried to create new form in qt project in NetBeans and it runs now the interface designer, while before it didn’t. Thanks again.