How to install Python 2.7.14 or update to this version in OpenSuse Leap 42.3?

Hello. I need to work with Python 2.7.14 but the only Python 2.7 available for OpenSuse Leap 42.3 is the version 2.7.13.

I’ve been searching and I found that Python 2.7.14 is available for Leap 15, not 42.3.

How can I install the version 2.7.14 or update the one that I have to this one?

Thanks for your answers.

Upgrade to 15.0 and get it as a bonus?

There is a version here… will it break your system, have no idea;

Upgrade to Leap 15.0 as indicated is a far better option…

If you run multiple Python on your system (and Developers often have to support many), you should be installing and running each python in virtualenv.

My personal preference is to run different Python in their own virtual machines.