How to install putty in opensuse 11.0

I am using opensuse 11.0.I am installing putty-0.60-4.4.i586.rpm
while installing I am facing excepitons the follwoing exceptions

package /putty-0.60-4.4.i586.rpm could not be installed

Subprocess failed.Error:RPM failed:warning:/putty-0.60-4.4.i586.rpm:Header V3 DSA signature:NOKEY,key ID 46d7173a error:Fialed depedencies: is needed by putty-0.60-4.4.i586 is needed by putty-0.60-4.4.i586
to remove this exception what steps i have to follow.
please share your ideas its very helpful to me.

I suspect you’re trying to install via the rpm command.

Use zypper and it will try to use the repos you have, but from the looks of things there is several OBS projects with it. Just decide if you want to keep the repo enabled if you use the one click.