How to install programmes?

I am so new to Linux, that the language frightens me! However, I have installed the latest Suse from a DVD and everything is fine, and I have managed to do a few things to suit me.
However… I have been reading about installation of programmes on the forum, and it is all double dutch (this is a Windows man talking)_.
I have downloaded the latest version of Firefox. Now in simple (Windows!) language, what do I hae to do to install it?

It’s easy once you know the basics. But Firefox is usually installed with a new installation of Suse. If it’s not installed then:

Forget about the Firefox you already downloaded. OSuse has a simple way to install programs with a package manager called YaST. Go to Start > System > YaSt > Software Management. It will ask you for the root password along the way. When the Search box comes up enter Firefox. If it isn’t installed (the box isn’t checked) click the box until you get a green check mark. Hit the Accept button and off it goes. It will install Firefox, and any dependencies needed to run it. I’m assuming you have a good internet connection. You can do this with many programs, you may have to add a repository for some other programs, but that’s later down the road when you’ve gotten some basic knowledge. Good luck.

A fundamental difference with a Windows system is that MS ships an operating system ships with barely any applications, after you install the fetch your apps from some or many other sources. For example you go to for Acrobat Reader, to Mozilla for Firefox, to Sun for Java etc etc etc

Most linux (or BSD) distros on the other hand have a large collection of applications available, either online or on dvd (usually online) and you get what you want from this single source. In SUSE this can be done with YaST, Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora have other tools but work likewise.

Besides that there is usually also the option to get installation from other sources, but I don’t recommend that for newbies, nor compiling from source which is also an option.

To install programs click on the chameleon icon.
Then search for ‘Administrator Settings’.
Type your root password.
Click on ‘Software Management’

After loading you get a search box where you can look for programs. If you can’t find the programs you want, you probably need to add repositories, but let’s save that for the next chapter :wink:

another way to get started is to use useful pages like or Webpin
The latter is the more refined webpin that gives less results the former but the former is rather chaotic.
Learning openSUSE’s package management takes a little getting used to, but once you know how its easy.
one click instsallers are a good tool for new users, just tell us what you need too and we might be able to provide you.

Thanks everyone for your help. I will now go and experiment! No doubt I shall be back with more questions!