How to install PHP 7.1

How to install PHP 7.1 on openSUSE 42.2? I tried to search on , but I cannot find any package with name php71. I tried to search php7, but there is only 7.0 version

A search on with php7 gives a result, but indeed only a 7.0 version. I assume it is not build yet.

(yes this is an old thread, but it ist the only one I found about this topic…)

Tumbleweed seems to have PHP 7.1 packages (at least now), but they are named php7-xxx (e.g. php7-pdo) and only the version number makes a difference.

This is not the behavior (at least PHP developers expect on other platforms) where php7.0-xxx and php7.1-xxx package names make it easy to install both versions side by side…