How to install Oracle JDK 8

Please explain to me how to install Oracle JDK 8 in thumbleweed…i cant find a working option. Command line option is also ok. I need to install it and set it as default. I am(was) mint user and its 1min job there. Here its causing me quite a lot of problems…

This was posted in the “unreviewed FAQ” forum

Skimming, it looks like it should work but I haven’t actually tested.

Perhaps the better question might be whether you’ve installed the openjdk jdk, it should be nearly 100% compatible today with the Oracle version.

The openjdk that is installed by default in all openSUSE only provides the runtime (JRE).
If you want the “jdk” components, you need to install the openjdk-devel package for each openJdk you have installed.

IIRC (but may still need to be tested) you can verify which openjdk versions you have installed a number of different ways, perhaps the better in this case would be to determine what packages are installed

zypper se -i openjdk

You can install any versions of openjdk you wish to have on your system, when they come from the OSS the “update-alternatives” configuration for each one should be included which enables side by side installation and switching between any.

IIRC if you simply install “openjdk-devel” all your installed openjdk packages will be upgraded.

zypper in openjdk-devel

The result is that you will still see only the openjdk selections in update-alternatives, but each will also support all the jdk components.