How to install opensuse on raspberry pi 4

Hi Dear
I downloaded the thumleweed version kde for raspberry pi 4, flash it on sd card and started the pi, it runs smoothly till it reaches the command line asking for login.
1- keyboard and mouse not working I tried different keyboards but no success while raspberian system well recognized my wired keyboard and wireless keyboard.
2- what is the login name and password, I hope you correct the keyboard issue.
3- why you can’t do the installation process easy as in your normal distribution for the pc, which is graphical easy peasy.
Thank You

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
The RPi4 version is still W.i.P, head over to the mailing list ( or IRC (Freenode #opensuse-arm) and help debug the issues :slight_smile:

To subscribe to the mailing List see:

Hi Dear Mr Malcolmlewis
Thank You :blush: for quick response.
I went there I got lost :zipper_mouth_face:
I’m simple user, me and my son trying to setup nice system on raspberry pi 4.
I don’t understand any of the codes or command line.
No worries we can wait till you produce a stable graphical nice one :+1:
Thank You again :rose:

Have a read here:

Sounds like you didn’t get your image the correct way…
In fact, it’s important to image the most recent stable, and not likely wherever you found your image.

The RPi4 page is here,
It will always have a link to the current stable images, install instructions and login info.


Welcome to the world of embedded computing where it’s rare and for all purposes the graphical installation doesn’t exist.
You’ll find the procedure for your RPi4 would be the same if you ever had to recover or reflash your phone (all makes), tablet or any other mobile/embedded device… Possibly because of storage limitations and usually no removable media available, no “installation” like on a regular PC is used… Instead highly customized images that are pre-configured with configurations and device drivers all set to immediately run are given to you, and you only need to write the image to your device’s storage and push the power button.


The support for keyboard and mouse are awaiting the 5.4 kernel. This kernel is expected soon. Currently it does not pass the quality tests, but I hope this will soon be solved.
Considering the login name and password, see Default login on