how to install openSUSE 11.4 on a Dell R610 with raid1 ?

hello susers !

i have here a DELL R610 Server with 4x 1TB.

The Server goes with following specification:

2x 1TB as Raid1 (OS, Boot, swap, home)
2x 1TB as Raid1 (Fileshares & postgreSQL DB)

The Dell Server has the 700er Raidcontroller in it.

I have all harddrives in the server. 2 are recognized from openSUSE, the other 2 not.

Do i have to install the second raid with a separate driver ? I’m confused, because i am relatively new with RAID under Linux…

Thanks for any help, how to install openSUSE 11.4 on this machine with 2x 1TB Raid1…

I found the Raid Configurator :slight_smile: CTRL+R at booting leads me into the PERC H700 Raidcontroller Bios. I can create my Raids.

But my questions a**bout the configuration of openSUSE 11.4 is still open. **

Plz answer me to this question. Thanks


Some readings for you : SDB:Installing on LARGE disks - openSUSE :slight_smile:

Tough one, most of us use software raids.

I’m not sure the question I guess … if you create the RAID volumes with the RAID BIOS, and you reboot the system (which I think you will be required to do), can you see all of the RAID volumes with the installation program now?

My server has a Dell PERC adapter in it, and I had no trouble with it seeing my drives after I had created the volumes in the RAID BIOS.

Hi all !

Yes you are completely right Katanabc. I did it wrong. I moved to the DELL BIOS and i created there my raids… After a reboot, openSUSE was recognizing my raids. I dont want a software raid because i have a PERC 700 in my dell.

So its working now… but i have another big problem… today, i startet my fresh new dell server: No keyboard to login bwoahaha… cannot believe it… i postet another thread in the german forums here… Failsafe is working. i have a keyboard there…anyway.

thank you for your help. it helped me